The Iceland Dance Company, premiere April 2018. 

Choreography: Anton Lachky in cooperation with the cast.

Dancers: Einar anton aas nikkerud, Elín Signý Ragnarsdóttir,  Hjördís Lilja, Inga Maren Rúnarsdóttir, Sigurður Andrean Sigurgeirsson, Tanja Marín and Thyri Huld Árnadóttir

Costumes: Júlíanna Lára Steingrímsdóttir

A family of 8
Prosperity and happiness
Do’s and don’ts

FORTUNEVILLE is a dynamic and humorous story of a family of 8 living a life of pure happiness and prosperity. By following the set rules, they are ensured this great fortune in life. Would you follow any given rule if it would ensure your happiness? Especially if one of these rules is to never ever leave your house.

Philosophical and challenging physical theater by Kasper Ravnhøj inspired by the artist, strategist and legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi. His masterpiece; The Book of Five Rings has inspired the world regardless of beliefs and worldviews – from Japanese businessmen to European philosophers.